Volume 8, No. 3: Section 3 Autumn, 2006


Welcome to our second fully online issue of SELAM News! My Associate Editor, Leilani Doty, is a tireless colleague. She spearheaded the interviews of our illustrious Past Presidents in conjunction with SELAM’s 10-year celebration. Read the first installment in which four reflect on the impact and value of being President on their career lives. Leilani also reports on The Changing Face of Medicine Exhibit that highlights over 330 American women physicians. You can sense her pride in our foremothers – it’s catching.

This issue features our column SELAM Mentor, Cynda Johnson, MD, MBA. Cynda is the first woman and first Family Medicine physician to lead the Board of the American Board of Medical Specialties. As a special treat, this issue also features an interview with Susan Potts Sloan, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine at James H. Quillen College of Medicine, East Tennessee State University, and President of the Association of American Indian Physicians. Leilani interviewed these two remarkable women who epitomize mentorship (both giving and receiving). (I love celebrating firsts, but wouldn’t it be nice if we were way past that stage?) And Leilani still has time to read – see her Book Review in this issue.

Have you ever wondered about the differences among “required,” “preferred,” and “desired?” In the continuation of her series Food for Thought: Strategic Career Planning, Jan Greenwood describes self-presentation as a value-added candidate during the interview. Repetitive reading will embed her examples in my brain.

Issues in the Workplace features three of our faithful contributors. Janet Bickel teaches us how to develop political savvy. A thump on my head for every time I’ve said I don’t like politics! Carol Aschenbrener reflects on her awe-inspiring career that led to her current position as Senior Vice-President of the AAMC Division of Medical Education. She describes how she integrates her Myers-Briggs type into action, and reminds us of the importance of balance in one’s life. Finally, Linda Adkison describes an example of effective teaching in medical education and teaches us about Greek mythology.

Kathryn Reed provides Part II of Lessons Learned by her Learning Community (Archigia Divas). She and her ELAM classmates became ELUMs in Spring 2006. Welcome! Finally, Kathy Kim, another tireless SELAM News reporter, summarizes the recent SELAM International Board retreat that President Chris Abrass organized.

SELAM International has an awesome future – here’s to our first decade, and many more to come!

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Second Vice-President Mary Lou Voytko, Ph.D.
Third Vice-President Wendy Weinstock Brown, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.P.
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