Volume 8, No. 2: Section 7, Autumn 2006

SELAM Founder, PonJola Coney, spoke at the White Coat Ceremony for the College of Medicine Class of 2010 at the University of Tennessee, Memphis. Pictured at the dinner are, left to right, Veronica Mallett, MD, Owen Phillips, MD, Hershel (Pat) Wall, MD, Interim Dean, Kris Lohr, MD, and PJ Coney.
David Danner, Ed.D. generously donated his time and presided over the 2nd annual SELAM Board of Directors Strategic Planning Retreat in Chicago.
A new SELAM scarf was designed in honor of SELAM’s sister organization, ELAM, reaching its 10th anniversary.
Many wonderful speakers and others participated in the Aspen Conference, SELAM's first ever regional program. Pictured to the left are: Sharon Martin, VP for Quality Improvement at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dean Richard Krugman from the University of Colorado Medical School and Harry Gibbs, Vice President for Diversity at MD Anderson. Below is a panel on Diversity moderated by Dr. Gibbs, including Sade Kosoko of Creighton University, Carmen Green and Jayne Thorson from University of Michigan, and LeeLee Doyle of the University of Arkansas.

Aspen also provided an oppertunity for networking and recreation! Franci Stavropoulis (left) and Roberta Sonnino prooved to be among the most adventurous of us....Thanks to everyone at the Given Institute and the university of Colorado for your hospitatilty!

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