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Seattle AAMC Events!

Making Your Work, Work for You
Saturday October 28, 1-3 p.m.
Ann Brown
Roberta Sonnino
Archana Chatterjee

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Goals for the session:
Upon completion of the presentation, participants will be better able to:
1. Identify methods to measure-quantitatively or qualitatively their own leadership activities and translate them into “promotable” work products
2. Gain an understanding of the importance of defining and rewarding leadership activities
3. Describe barriers to promoting faculty based on their leadership roles
4. Identify leadership activities within their own workload

Key idea:
The idea of turning leadership activities into promotable work through two lenses:
1. Will most likely require a policy change at most institutions—this is an appropriate plight for senior faculty
2. Without a policy change, within the constraints of the institution, how do you take service activities and turn them into products that are acceptable for promotion?

SELAM Award for Excellence Reception
Saturday October 28, 5:30-7:30pm
Seattle Convention Center rooms 613/614

Christine Abrass, SELAM President
Allen Lichter, MD

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The SELAM Award for Excellence is given annually to the individual who best demonstrates his or her commitment to the advancement and promotion of women in academic health professions by advancing the careers of women faculty.

Excerpts from Nominations for Dr. Allen Lichter, recipient of the 2006 SELAM Award for Excellence.

"Since becoming Dean, Dr. Lichter renewed efforts to improve the advancement of faculty women. Through inspired leadership, the number of senior level women faculty has increased from 104 to 169, a 62% increase. Six women are currently Associate or Assistant Deans and the first two women are Associate Deans. The first African American woman earned tenure in Anesthesiology (Carmen R Green, MD). There are currently six African American women who have received tenure and two were promoted to full Professor during his tenure. In addition, Lori Pierce, MD (an African American Professor) became the Associate Vice Provost for Medical Affairs during his tenure. There are similar stories for other underrepresented minority women as well as for clinical and research track women during his tenure. Dean Lichter has made certain that women are present on every search committee. Further detail is attached from the report prepared by Jayne Thorson entitled “The University of Michigan Medical School: The Advancement of Women: A Progress Report, 1994-2006.” The landscape at Michigan has clearly changed under his leadership. However, I thought it best that a few women put into their own words Dean Lichter’s leadership in their area.

Dean Lighter’s work has extended beyond the medical school’s walls. He has worked to enhance the climate of women in science and engineering. The attached letter from Dr. Abigail Stewart (Professor of Psychology and Principal Investigator for the NSF Advance Project at the University of Michigan) supporting this nomination documents his work on behalf of the National Science Foundation (NSF) ADVANCE project for women.

I am particularly impressed by his support for ELAM. Dr. Lichter is one of the heroes of ELAM. He has supported at least one ELAM fellow per year. He meets with the ELAM fellow several times during the year and ensures access to key leaders, thereby elevating the fellow’s status in the academic community. He serves as a mentor and advisor for each fellow. His tireless efforts on behalf of ELAM are extraordinary. Dr. Lichter is an active member of the ELAM advisory board – helping to set a visionary course for the program. He provided financial support for the first ELAM Forum setting an example for other Deans to follow. Recently, he established a program that will provide enduring funds for ELAM whereby schools become sustaining members of ELAM. The result will be approximately $100,000 to their budget allowing program enhancement. Thus, Dean Lichter has raised the bar and provides creative leadership for all the Deans. Countless women whom he has never met will benefit by his efforts.

Dr. Lichter has been an incredible mentor, role model, supporter and leader for both men and women. "

Carmen R. Green, M.D.
ELAM Class of 2004-2005

“It’s a great pleasure and honor to nominate Dean Allen Lichter for the Society for Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (SELAM) Excellence Award. As Dean, he has worked hard to develop and promote a diverse faculty into leadership positions. What started out as few such faculty that are often considered by some people to be “token”, but well-deserved none the less, has evolved in a short time to become the cultural institutional norm. This is truly rare in medical schools today, and is a testimony to his commitment to developing leaders in academic medicine from among the diverse faculty that we are today. Beyond those senior leaders, which include many women department chairs, it has also shown the diverse faculty that leadership positions are attainable if this is something they choose to do, when many would have previously considered it beyond their reach and never have reached their potential. This has had and will continue to have a major impact on our success as a top academic medical center for decades to come. Dr. Lichter’s foresight and continued effort have made this diversity in leadership cultural revolution possible, and his ongoing support of these faculty members has made it a continued success.”
Ella Kazerooni, MD
ELAM, Class of 2006-2007

“Dr Lichter has been dedicated to the advancement of women faculty into positions of leadership beginning with his first year as Dean of the Medical School. He has sponsored an ELAM fellow during each year of his Deanship. He has exceeded his publicly stated goal of appointing a woman to serve as a Department Chairperson; he has appointed three women Chairpersons at the University Michigan. In addition, he has been a supporter of and speaker for ELAM and SELAM, and has served as an outstanding mentor to the ELAM fellows.”
Margaret Gecko, MD
ELAM Class of 2006-2007

“Allen has spent years building the Medical School team, recruiting leaders who are rock-solid in their creativity, commitment and competence. He will leave the Medical School in a position of tremendous strength in every regard.”
Robert P. Kelch, MD
Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs
at the University of Michigan

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